Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Inspiration

Today, was a beautiful cloudy afternoon...Finally!  We don't get much rain where I live...I'm excited for Fall/Winter. I love all the trends, colors, and scents of the season.  I'm about to launch my first fashion collection and can't wait to finish my designs soon!  Stay tuned...

Benefit - Realness of Concealness

I have a huge problem with dark under eye circles and I have tried many concealers.  I stopped by Ulta last week and saw Benefit-Realness of Concealness.  The packaging looked so cute!  It was like a small combo of everything you need to conceal and highlight.  I had to try it...to my surprise it really works!  It really conceals even the darkest circles.  Love it!  The name is perfect for this product, it even comes with a small mirror.  Super cute.